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Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Allegations Were Canceled after the 2004 Rape Incident

bill cosby charged with sexual assault

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recently dropped Bill Cosby's sexual assault allegations. The 83-year-old man was convicted in 2018 on a rape case. According to the information from the media, the comedian will be released. The verdict was overturned after it was revealed that an agreement with the prosecutor did not allow Cosby to be charged in the case. Re-examination of Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial is prohibited, but the prosecutor's office may decide to challenge this ruling.

Cosby completed more than two years of ten years in a state prison located near Philadelphia. Then he promised to serve all 10 years, but not to admit what he did. And now he's free!

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Bill Cosby was charged with sexual assault in 2018 for rape. The victim claimed that in 2004 a comedian drugged her and abused her three times in his house. In total, Cosby was charged with about 60 women, but due to the statute of limitations, he was tried for only one episode for three to ten years.

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