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Bill Gates Left the Board of His Own Microsoft Company after the Accusations of an Affair

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One of the richest people on our planet, Bill Gates, left the board of directors of his own company, Microsoft. According to the information received, the shareholders decided that Bill should leave the company due to a sexual relationship with a company employee. According to some reports, the board of directors learned about Gates's relationship with one of the employees from a letter from a company engineer (his name was not revealed). The board members did not want the head of the company to be a person with an office romance in his biography, so Bill resigned before the start of an internal investigation.

The billionaire's representative stated that such a decision to leave the board of directors is not connected with the issue. Moreover, the Gates affair with an employee ended 20 years ago. The couple remained friends.  It was also added that the resignation of the former head of Microsoft is connected with his desire to focus on charity.
To remind, recently it became known about the divorce of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. It is also known that the couple has long been ready to break up, and the businessman himself has been seen more than once in the company of other ladies. Some newspapers wrote that Gates had previously been seen flirting with employees of Microsoft and even his charitable foundation several times while he was married.

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