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Billie Eilish Says She Didn’t Become Famous after the Hit Ocean Eyes Appeared

Billie Eilish

Recently, Billie Eilish thought about her early years of becoming popular for her new audiobook. The singer says that many people tend to think that when Ocean Eyes song arrived, she literally abandoned everything and became a star at that moment. But this is not true.

For a while, her life remained the same, and she continued to do everything she usually did, such as attending the choir. Nothing much has changed, the star admitted in an excerpt from the last video.

The singer, along with her older brother, grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles and was taught at home by their parents.

As children, they were both singing and playing musical instruments. Then she posted Ocean Eyes song to the SoundCloud platform to share it with her choreography teacher. And the song turned out to be a real surprise and then became a hit gaining worldwide attention. But according to Eilish, it's not really so viral. However, at that moment it was really important for her, and it was the most exciting moment in her life. After the huge success of Ocean Eyes, the celebrity broke several records with her album appeared in 2019.

Billie Eilish: In Her Own Words arrived Tuesday together with her new photo book. It contains stories and memories from her personal life and career.

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