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Billie Eilish’s racism video appeared on the media | Now the star apologized to the fans

billie eilish

Billie Eilish hasn't been doing very well for the past few days. Years ago, she was reckless in her statements and once parodied an Asian accent. Suddenly, a video appeared on the Internet, and it turned out that it was an offense to the Chinese. Another reason for the accusations was the live broadcast, where the singer makes her voice thinner and seems to speak with a Chinese accent.

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Hundreds of fans have recorded videos in which they cry and remove posters of Billie from the wall. While the scandal was going viral on social media, about 100 thousand people have already unfollowed her on Instagram.

Then the idol of millions decided to apologize to those whom she offended. Billy wrote a big message explaining that the video with the offensive word was recorded when she was 13 years old when she tried to repeat the song, not knowing its meaning. According to Eilish, she was accused of something that she did not do. And as for the imitation of an Asian accent, she spoke in a funny voice since childhood to communicate with animals or with friends.

Billy assumed that she will always use her platform to fight for kindness and tolerance, adding that she loves her fans.

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