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Billy Herrington Death And Biography. Find Out The Meaning Of Gachimuchi

Billy Herrington is a porn actor and bodybuilder who became a meme thanks to an episode of erotic wrestling in only panties along with an equally muscular partner. The video has gained immense popularity, especially in Japan, is often used in various video mixes and memes. The very direction of the struggle in gay porn has received the name "gachimuchi". The tragic Billy Herrington death happened relatively recently, but his fame has not been forgotten to this day.


billy herrington

Billy Herrington was born on July 14, 1969, and raised in Long Island into a karate teacher's family. Since childhood, he has been engaged in boxing, wrestling and karate. At 24, he moved to New York and took up bodybuilding. He began his erotic career in 1996 shooting for Playgirl magazine, then Billy began acting in gay porn.

In 1999, the porn film "Boss Of This Gym", also called "Lords of the Locker Room", was released. It consists of three parts, in which the actors begin to fight among themselves for a while, and then quickly move on to sex. This genre of porn became popular in Japan and is called "gachimuchi" (Japanese for "muscular boys").

Billy Herington is the most famous and popular face of this phenomenon. The second main person in Gachimuchi is porn actor Van Darkholm (a pseudonym, his real name is hidden).

Origin of the Gachimuchi Billy Meme

gachimuchi billy

The fame of the Billy Herrington meme began in September 2007, when an episode from the movie "Muscle Guys Workout 3" was posted on the exchanger Nico Nico Douga (NND). In the video, Herrington and another man are fighting, taking off each other's panties and moaning erotically. Also on the NND were forced excerpts from "The Boss of This Rocking Chair".

On September 30, 2007, the year everyone wants to return to, the Asian internet exploded with a new meme thanks to the Japanese video hosting Nico Nico Douga, a snippet from a movie featuring Herrington. This fragment was called "Professional Pants-Wrestling", it quickly gained popularity due to the comic nature of what was happening and as a result, was taken away by video makers for tens of thousands of remixes. This is how the force of the meme of Gachimuchi and Aniki Billy Herrington began.

The video with Aniki meme became popular in the English-speaking segment of 4Chan, it was used for trolling opponents or pranks (as with Rick Astley's song "Never Gonna Give You Up"). In 2012, the video with wrestlers began to be used in numerous video mixes.

Gachimuchi Meaning

Gachimuchi (moon. ガ チ ム チ gachimuchi - pumped up boys) is a meme of the Japanese Internet, which fully came to the Russian Internet with a delay of 10 years. The basis for this direction of Internet culture was the low-budget Pindostan gay porn of the 1990s, which the inhabitants of the Internet underground brought to the Japanese analog of YouTube Nico Nico Douga, and the Gachimuchi meme continued to force itself on various popular Internet resources.

To date, the theme of Gachimuchi Billy has spread widely only thanks to Billy Herrington and his partner Van Darkholm, as users found it funny and they began to create funny video cuts, gifs, and Gachi memes.

Professional Muscular Pants Wrestling

billy herrington videos

The video that started gachimuchi back in 2007. It all started with a snippet of the porn film "Workout - Muscle Fantasies Vol 3", which someone posted and for fun called this action wrestling. Of course, it had little to do with wrestling and watching it left a double impression - kind of awkward, but at the same time very funny. The Japanese understood the trick and began to cut out the wrestlers from the videos preparing for the next reception or mercilessly tearing each other's panties, and mount them into new videos, for example, in anime openings, to make it even funnier.


On February 14, 2009, thanks to the incredible popularity of Herrington, was invited to an event hosted by Nico Nico for Valentine's Day, about ten thousand fans came to meet him who called him nothing less than Aniki. He received the nickname "Big Brother". On the same day, a limited release of Herrington action figures was announced. Two other limited editions were released on Halloween and Christmas that same year.

In subsequent years, Herrington, who completed his acting career, did not forget his fans and participated in various television shows, gave interviews, and attended fan meetings, including in China, and Billy Herrington quotes were forced.


Memes with Billy Herrington mostly play around with jokes about homoerotic and gay porn, which is not surprising given the most famous video with him. Billy was also joked as a superman due to his large muscles and good looks. Billy Herrington videos gave impetus to the development of the concept of "hachimuchi" - a genre of gay porn in which men first fight, and then move on to sex.

Billy Herrington Death

billy herrington death

On March 3, 2018, Bill Herrington died, according to porno director Chi Chi Lara. Later, this information was confirmed by the mother of the actor, Caitlin Wood. Billy died in a car accident, he was 48 years old.

After the internet community learned of Billy's death, Twitch streams were attacked by the "Press" F "to pay respect" meme, and YouTube was filled with goodbye videos. The users were very upset and saddened that the Internet legend passed away being such a popular and just a good person. Gachi’s original memes with Billy Herrington are still actively walking and pushing on various social networks, and the former glory of the porn actor is still not forgotten and, we hope, will delight us with funny pictures and cheer up for a long time. I hope today you learned a little more about Billy Herrington than just about memes with his participation.

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