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How Rihanna Reacted To The Inauguration Of Joe Biden And Kamala Harris


Rihanna blasted Bizzard's reaction about the day Trump left the White House. What did she do? Read here!

Rihanna is taking Trash (Trump) Out of the White House

A wonderful and sexy singer Rihanna added a new photo on her Instagram account about the inauguration day of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris. Rih uploaded a photo where she was tacking trash after a moment when former President of the United States left the White House.

Rihanna compared the loss of Trump with taking out the trash! She wrote the following text under the photo: "I’m just here to help, #wediditJoe".

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This post is the way to congratulate Joe Biden & Kamala Harris and humiliate Donald Trump. But we must admit that the singer has an excellent sense of humor! She made a new TOP-rated meme of 2021!

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