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Black Lives Matter Leaders Secretly Bought a $6 Million Mansion With Charity Money

Black Lives Matter Secret House

The leaders of the BLM racial justice movement have spent money from a charitable foundation to buy a luxurious mansion in California. A company of three activists settled in a house that has six bedrooms and bathrooms, several fireplaces, a swimming pool, and a garage for 20 sportscars. Patrisse Cullors together with Alicia Garza, and Melina Abdullah tried to hide the purchase by destroying documents and correspondence about the property.

The mystery was accidentally revealed in one of the old videos of BLM executives on YouTube. A year ago, women posted a video in memory of the murder of George Floyd in the courtyard of the "secret mansion", and the journalists managed to declassify the address. It became known that the property worth more than 6 million dollars was acquired in 2020 with funds that were contributed to the foundation.

After the exposure, the activists tried to justify themselves by saying that this was not their home, but the place where artists and creatives gather to create content that society and the movement needed. However, over the past year and a half, no creative product has appeared.

Moreover, there are more and more stories where people of color complain that they cannot get the help they need (although the fund receives at least 60 million dollars a year). Journalists now suspect women of embezzling BLM funds for their own enrichment. And a month ago, California prosecutors ordered them to provide a financial report on donations to the organization.

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