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What Is A Bloomer Meme: Origin And Spreading

bloomer meme

What you should know about Bloomer Memes? The most important facts are represented in this article.

What Is a Bloomer?

Bloomer is one of the popular variants of the Wojak meme that gained its popularity on the 4chan platform. The meme features an extremely optimistic man with a go-getter attitude. His age is commonly from 24 to 30. The cartoon was made in opposition to Doomer (another version of Wojak that is unmotivated, passed an unhealthy lifestyle, depressed).

Origins of Bloomer

Bloomers origins refer to September 21st, 2018, when an unnamed 4chan user published an image of a modified Wojak with a happy face, wearing a blue hoodie. It was firstly posted to /pol/ board and had the title "The 27 Year Old Bloomer".

The picture carried several headings representing the Blommer as having an everlasting resolve, regarding the better worlds he wants to make and being admired by /ourguys/ and normies alike. At the same time, an unknown user uploaded an edited variation of the original pic, supplementing hair to the hero's head.

How Bloomer (Wojak Variation) Gained Its Popularity?

bloomer wojak

The original image of the character was added in the following 4chan boards: /r9k/,  /bant/, /v/. According to a few popular editions, the philosophy of Bloomer is an inversion of "blackpilling".

Also, the next months the newly discovered meme was in hype due to YouTubers (they used it in their videos, streams). However, the popularity of Doomer and Zoomer blow the top as well. We can mention such notable YouTubers as Zimbabwe and Shuzzo.

Bloomers Meaning Or How You Can Understand Such Memes

People usually understand the background of the Blommer in two opposite directions:

  • On the one hand, he looks like an easy-going teenager that sees the world in pink. Bloomer is more trustful and easy-minded rather than the general man. You can predict he will know how tough life can be sooner or later. Eventually, he can be described as a pre-stage of Doomer.
  • On the other hand, Blommer can be the next stage of Doomer's ideology (past-Dommer, after-Doomer). The person that had hard life issues, overcome depression and anxiety, finds the guts to go through, accepting that life is still great even if it is not a perfect road.
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