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Boss Memes Funny: The Funniest Pictures About Bosses Who Do Not Know How To Lead A Work Team

micromanaging boss meme

Boss Memes Funny

The relationship between a boss and a subordinate plays an important role in the performance of a company. Don't forget that a good dose of humor can create a positive work atmosphere. Of course, the boss's meticulousness and his endless nagging will bring anyone out, but looking at these memes, you will understand that the Universe has not conspired against you, and similar situations happen all the time. If you are planning to quit, then here is a great selection of funny memes for your boss.

Such a Beautiful Day, Boss

beautiful day boss

Please explain why the boss always assigns me to be in the office almost at night ?! What is it for him? I already have no strength to sit at work for 12 hours every day, so he also wants me to come to the office at 5 in the morning!

You Have to Be a Good Boss

bad jobs leave

This is a very difficult task because any company or team of employees needs a good manager who will not only lead them but also motivate, help, and mentor them. That's what it means to be a good boss!

Great Boss Meme

boss leader

As mentioned above, being a good manager also means being a leader and leading people along with you. A good leader must have many good qualities, such as empathy, commitment, a desire to nurture and invest in employees.

You Won't Go Anywhere

leave early

This terrible boss meme is an example of a bad boss. Don't be like that, respect the time and privacy of your employees. They need rest so they don't run away from you. Respect is very important.

Useless Boss

your right job

Most bosses were appointed to this position beyond merit, if this is a bad boss, then most likely he almost does not know how to do anything and has no idea how to manage the work process in a group of people who report to him. Being a useless boss like this non-awesome boss meme is awful.

Micromanaging Boss Meme

micromaraketing job

Please do not disturb me or distract me with your senseless instructions, I already know how to do it without you. Micromanagement is our everything, only when it is not confused with ordinary decrees that do not make any sense.

The Employee Is Always Wrong, But Why?

im the boss

When he is the boss and you are an ordinary employee, it automatically makes you blame for all the problems. Bosses often like to pass the responsibility on to their subordinates. This is not correct, such as the boss meme telling us that this is a bad boss and he does not know how to take responsibility for himself.

Pay Attention to Me

repeated idea boss

It is very unpleasant and upsetting when you tried to come up with a new idea, told about it, but your boss did not hear or remember anything that you said. It becomes even more frustrating when your colleague just repeated your idea and the boss suddenly noticed and became interested.

Do It Without Instructions!

Otherwise, you'll be fired, I'm not kidding. Another boss meme funny is an example of how the boss shouldn't behave. If you don’t help, teach, send, and do skills training courses you pay for, people will simply leave you.

you're fired

Does the Boss Have Amnesia?

why did you do that

If your boss acts the same way as in this funny boss meme, then do not even strain to carry out his orders, he will still forget about them the next day. Instead, try to find a new job with a good manager who has no memory problems and knows what he is talking about.

Let Me At Least Be Cured

are u coming to work

It’s very scary to call your boss and say that you are sick, broke your leg, or even dying. The bosses don't care at all, which is very sad. How can you be so inhuman and force you to come to work in any condition?

The Boss Is Always One Step Ahead

youre idea

It's terrible when the best boss memes turn out to be the worst and pass off your idea as his own, not recognizing your merits. After all, it is so important to reward the employee for the work done and to give his ideas and achievements publicity, and not just take all the credit for himself.

Poor Micromanagement

actual boss pic

Why am I trying so hard, and my boss just shitting on all my merits? It's time to get out of this company, do not sit in a place where you are not respected and just shit at your job. Let me guess, you also have a low salary? Then what are you doing there, run?

I pretend to Work

boss comes to office

It is very stressful when at work you cannot relax even for 1 minute and rest, especially when the boss is walking around or if a boss is gone meme when you can rest. You have to pretend you're working forever.

Cool Boss Meme

boss didnt realize

How can you be so inattentive not to notice a wad of money and just shred it? Who is this boss? Now tell me that he copes well with his duties and the team adores him, I will not believe. Small actions can tell a lot about a person.

Don't Talk Nonsense

boss opens mouth

It is important to appoint as the boss only a smart person who knows how to do his job well and lead the team. I would be ashamed to work in a company with such a stupid boss who says nonsensical things. Better find a new job and watch the best boss ever meme.

Ok, Great

grown up at work

The easiest way is to simply agree with everything your boss tells you and asks you to do. Just agree and keep working quietly. If you value your work, then try to hold back, especially if this is a situation like in the boss is out meme.

The Truth about Work

impress to boss

I don't want to be fired, because everyone needs money. Check out the man in this boss funny meme who surprised his boss with the inscription on his sweater. In the second photo, we see an inscription that the man hates this job.

Organized Workplace

monkey shit

If your boss has chaos on his desk, it says a lot about his lack of basic management knowledge. An organized workplace is a very important part of the job.

Have to Laugh

boss bad joke

Many employees want a promotion and are willing to go to great lengths for it, especially when they have to laugh at the boss's stupid jokes. How humiliating is that, what do you think?

The creators of the blog took the trouble to find the best boss memes for you and make you smile. Good luck at work and fewer bad bosses!

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