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Brad Pitt reacts to Angelina Jolie's willingness to testify about spousal abuse in court

brad pitt and angelina jolie

According to sources, Brad Pitt is literally "heartbroken" over Angelina Jolie's decision to testify about spousal abuse in court to get custody of the children.

Although the celebrity couple is now officially divorced, they still continue to fight for custody of their six children. A private judge is in charge of their case. On March 12, Jolie filed documents with the court, which say that she and her children are ready to testify and even provide evidence concerning the charges against Pitt.

Although the court documents are private, they have been leaked on one of the Hollywood blogs. Sources say Brad is very upset that Angelina decided to go this way. He took responsibility for his actions, admitted his problems which were in the past, and stop drinking. Their marriage was very emotional and, like all couples, they quarreled sometimes. But despite this, there were many good and warm moments.

Brad talked about his alcohol and drug difficulties when they were together. But he was never arrested or charged during the marriage. In addition, there were no police reports of any spousal abuse accusations.

“Brad never hit his wife. And he believes that the leaking of this information is aimed at manipulating the opinion of the public before the end of the trial "- some sources say." What's more, Brad feels he is more isolated from his children than ever "- it was added.

It was announced that Angelina and Pitt's children were questioned by therapists selected by the court, but the negative statement against Pitt, recently reported by Maddox, the eldest son, is not true.

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