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Brad Pitt was spotted exiting the hospital in the wheelchair

brad pitt

On Wednesday, Brad Pitt together with staff and a bodyguard was spotted exiting a Beverly Hills hospital in a wheelchair.

It was reported that the 57-year-old actor underwent a removing wisdom teeth operation. This sudden event happened a week before Pitt's hosting the 93rd Academy Awards. The ceremony will be held on Sunday evening, April 25.

During the dental procedure, the Hollywood star wore a black sweatshirt over a gray and white T-shirt. The look also consisted of gray pants and a pair of white trainers. When leaving the medical center with the help of a wheelchair, he crossed his arms. The paparazzi noticed him in a gold ring which he was wearing on his right hand. Brad tried to hide his appearance, so he put on a hood over his head, a pair of glasses, and a mask over his mouth and nose.

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