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Find Out About the New Actors and the Release Date of the Bridgerton Series by Netflix

Bridgerton 2 Season

The TV series Bridgertons, loved by everyone, will return to Netflix. The release date of the second season is already known, and last year a teaser for the project was released.

The series received rave reviews from critics and is also very popular with viewers, constantly being at the top of the streaming platform ratings in terms of the number of views. The first season set a record for views within a month after the release- 82 million. Later, only Squid Game was able to bypass it- 111 million views.

Critics are confident that the continuation will retain its storyline, surprising twists, and stellar performances. It is known that the creators of the series intend to increase racial diversity in the series, despite criticism. However, they insist that one should not look for historical accuracy in their project.

Jonathan Bailey will play the main character of the film- Anthony Bridgerton and thus become the main star of the second season. While Simone Ashley will play the role of Kate Sharma. But the role of older sister Kate will be played by Charithra Chandran. The girls' mother will be played by Shelley Conn, and the printer's rebellious assistant Calam Lynch.

It is known that the second season will be released on Friday, March 25, 2022. The series was announced back on December 25th in a video message by the main stars of the project.

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