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Britney Spears’ Father Demanded $ 2 Million From the Singer for Giving Up Custody

Britney Spears’ Father

Jamie Spears, who agreed to refuse custody of his daughter, Britney, demanded to pay him 2 million dollars in compensation. This was reported by Western publications with reference to documents in the Los Angeles Supreme Court.

The singer's lawyer Mathew Rosengart called the attempt to exchange the refusal of guardianship for money unacceptable. In his opinion, Spears is going to pay off legal costs at the expense of his daughter and close the debts. Rosengart emphasized that Britney's father has no right to hold his daughter captive while putting forward conditions for refusing custody.

Spears has been under the custody of her father since 2008. And all this time he has been controlling the issues of her finances, treatment, personal life, as well as career. Last year, Spears tried to doubt custody but lost the trial, after which she refused concerts if her father remained her guardian. This summer, Jamie Spears announced that he was willing to voluntarily give up the role of guardian.

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