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The Singer Britney Spears Posed Naked in the Photos That She Then Uploaded on Social Media

britney spears

Britney Spears continues to shock fans with her bold actions. In social media, the American pop singer often publishes explicit content.

In 2022, the celebrity continues to actively maintain her Instagram page. Recently, in her account, the girl posted a photo where she is completely naked posing for the camera. Thus, the singer decided to show off her new swimsuit.

40-year-old pop star admitted that this is her first high-cut swimsuit. And she even showed how you can lower the panties of such a swimsuit. Britney also said she hopes her fiancé will like this swimsuit.

Spears previously posted other sexy pictures and videos on her Instagram account. The celebrity covered the most intimate parts of the body with emojis in the form of flowers and hearts.

Then, in a few hours, the publication managed to collect more than 1.5 million likes. However, the singer closed comments on publications. So, what fans think is unknown.

It seems that in this way the star is trying to show her independence after being freed from the guardianship of her father, which lasted as much as 13 years.

The singer's groom isn't worried about the behavior of his beloved. Last year the fitness instructor proposed to Britney and they got engaged.

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