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Britney Spears will speak at the hearing in Congress | The court’s decision wasn’t final

britney spears

On Wednesday, members of the Republican House invited Britney Spears to Congress to speak in person during the hearing. Congressmen are convinced that her fight will help millions of people and draw attention to other Americans who undergo the same struggles.

Republicans Matt Gaetz and Andy Biggs, in their latest request, demanded a reconsideration of the guardianship legislation, using testimony from Britney Spears. According to congressmen, many guardians make money from their charges, and they are trapped for life.

Britney Spears's case is an excellent example that the system is wrong. The congressmen believe that the procedure in the court should be more open and honest. That’s why the United States Congress now wants to hear her story and help.

In addition, congressmen want to reconsider the terms of guardianship. In their opinion, the circumstances that served as the appointment of a guardian to the singer remain controversial. In 2008, Spears was declared temporarily incapacitated after a course of treatment in a mental hospital. Her father James was appointed her guardian. Since then, he has been in control of his daughter's finances and even her personal life.

This kind of guardianship is applied to people with mental disabilities. At the same time, after recovering at the clinic, Spears quickly returned to work, releasing a new album and performing on the tour in 2009. According to Spears' attorney and members of the House of Representatives, the singer is able to independently manage her finances.

The invitation came on Wednesday, a day after the court denied the singer's wish to become finally independent after 13 years of guardianship. On June 23, Spears went online, claiming that she was drugged and forced to take contraception. However, Jamie denied the accusations and said that for many years he had nothing to do with the conservatory, and even lives in the trailer. The court ignored Spears' claims that she is completely healthy, has a relationship, and leads a normal life.

However, it was noted that the court's decision is not final. The singer has the right to submit new requests. Another hearing will take place later this month.

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