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Camels Were Disqualified at a Beauty Pageant in Saudi Arabia for Botox Injections

King Abdulaziz Camel Festival

The beauty pageant is one of the main events in Saudi Arabia. Titled King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, its fund numbers 66 million dollars. The most beautiful camels in such competitions are usually considered to be camels with long drooping lips, a large nose, and a well-shaped hump.

To prevent various manipulations with the appearance of animals, all participants underwent a special test. Experts carefully examined the contestants, and then scanned their heads, necks, and chests using an X-ray and an ultrasound scanner.

As a result, 27 camels were disqualified as their owners artificially pulled out various parts of the animal's body. Another 16 camels were rejected for injections of Botox and collagen. This is not the first time that the organizers of the competition have revealed such manipulations, but this year their number has become a record. Those who engage in such manipulations face high fines.

According to the judges, some dishonest competitors used Botox injections into the lips, jaws, and other parts of the camels' bodies to relax the muscles of the animals. While collagen was injected to increase the size of the lips. In addition, in some cases, the camels were given hormones for muscle growth.

The Festival is the largest such event in the world. It is being held for the sixth time. According to local media reports, this year 33 thousand animals from many countries of the world, including Russia, the USA, and France, are taking part in it. The holiday began on December 1 and will continue for 40 days.

The festival is expected to take place every day in an area of ​​23 sq. km near the capital of the country. According to the estimates, it will be visited by about 100 thousand tourists.

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