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The Behavior of Cara Delevingne at a Private Party Has Become a Meme on the Network

Cara Delevigne Party

Cara Delevingne's behavior at a private party with New York City Mayor has become a meme on the network.

The British model attended a Wells Fargo banking event in Manhattan, where Eric Adams spoke. The Suicide Squad star was noticed in the company of a politician, rapper A $ AP Rocky, and other celebrities. The actress appeared in a monochrome black outfit, which consisted of a jumpsuit, a top, and a jacket with voluminous shoulder pads.

The 29-year-old actress was caught on camera brandishing a bottle of Della Vite Prosecco wine while drunk and dancing to the music. The party guest made faces, and her hair gathered in a bun fell apart due to sudden movements.

A video of Delevingne dancing also appeared on Twitter, where it gained about 300,000 views in a few hours. Users joked about the behavior of the girl, deciding that it is suitable for illustrating various life situations.

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