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Cardi B announced she starts a hair care line to educate people about Afro-Latina hair

cardi b

Recently, the famous rapper announced she will start a hair care line to tell people more information about Afro-Latina hair. Cardi B shared she was inspired for this upcoming project after receiving a negative reaction on a video she uploaded to show her real hair.

In this year, she will begin a line of hair care products, the rapper posted on social media. She thinks the time has come for all people to learn more about their nationality and race, she added.

The hairline of Cardi B is the thing that she has been developing personally for herself and for her daughter's hair. Last year, she also shared online the recipe for a hair mask. The recipe included such ingredients as avocado, argan oil, black castor oil, olive oil,  mayonnaise, two eggs, honey, and a banana.

According to data, in 2020, consumers of Latina, who are under 35, spent 663 million dollars on beauty products aimed at hair and nails.

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