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Cardi B Sued More Than a Million From a YouTube Blogger Who Accused Her of Prostitution

cardi b tasha k

Cardi B sued Tasha K for 1.25 million dollars for slandering her, although compensation costs could reach even 10 million dollars.

The cause of the trial was the blogger's videos on her unWinewithTashaK YouTube channel, in which she called a 29-year-old performer a prostitute and stated that she had a bunch of venereal diseases and she used illegal substances.

In particular, the blogger claimed that the artist cheated on her husband, musician Offset, with whom she has been married since 2017 and has two children, one of whom was born in September 2021.

The videos first appeared on the Web around April 2018.

Such a flurry of slander brought the American rapper to thoughts of suicide. At some point, she thought that she did not deserve her 3-year-old daughter and even did not want to sleep next to her husband.

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