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Casper the Friendly Ghost Will Return in a New Series Produced by Peacock

Casper TV Series

Casper the Friendly Ghost will finally return to the screens. The American Peacock service is developing a new series about a boy from the underworld.

It will reportedly be a mixture of horror, adventure, and action, darker than the 1995 film. The action in the picture will take place in high school.

According to the plot, the family of the main characters comes to a small town that has been keeping a dark secret for a hundred years. And the ghost of Casper they found becomes the key to the dark events of the past. As before, it will be drawn using 3D animation.

So far, neither the launch date of the series, the cast, nor the name of the showrunner has been announced.

Casper is an iconic animation character. Animated series and comics about him came out back in the 40s and 50s. The character died when he was a child, and in the afterlife did not lose his friendliness and curiosity. Unlike other ghosts, he prefers not to scare people, but to befriend them. In his numerous appearances on the screen, Casper repeatedly demonstrated vitality and empathy, surprising for a restless soul.

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