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Charlize Theron Was Spotted in a Bikini on a Yacht | The Actress Was With Her Daughters

charlize theron vacation in greece
Charlize Theron is enjoying her summer in Greece

Charlize Theron went on vacation with her adoptive children. The 45-year-old actress was spotted together with her daughters- nine-year-old Jackson and six-year-old August. Paparazzi photographed the American actress resting with her family on a luxury yacht off the coast of Greece. In the image posted online, Theron is wearing a black two-piece swimsuit. She completed the look with oversized sunglasses. Social media users appreciated the appearance of the celebrity, writing in the comments how beautiful she is.

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Previously, Charlize's three-year-old son, said that he considered himself a girl. His adoptive mother supported this decision, and since then the baby prefers to wear skirts, dresses, and pink bikinis on vacation.

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