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Children Who Appeared in Few Episodes of WandaVision Earned Pretty Big Cash

wanda vision babies

Baby stars who filmed in WandaVision by Marvel Studios got a petty big amount. TV series features a few kids who appeared in one or several episodes. But despite this fact, they received good cash. Read also: Find Out about the Schmooze Application That Connects People Based on Memes They Like.

For example, 12-year-old Gabriel Gurevich played the role of young Pietro. And for several weeks he earned 7,673 dollars. And Gavin Borders, 8, along with 7-years-old Bailen Berlitz played Wanda Maximoff and the Vision twins. For a week, the babies got 3,836 each. However, it seems like children who played the roles of Tommy and Billy at age 5 will appear in just one episode. Sophia Gaidarova, who is 13 years old, in turn, was filming for only one day but gained 1105 for playing young Wanda.

Meanwhile, the series WandaVision became the leader in the number of statuettes during the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Not only it won in the Best Series category but also received an award for Best Action Scene. The best TV show tells about the lives of superheroes Wanda and Vision after the events that happened in the movie The Avengers.
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