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China Forbade Vulgar Internet Stars From Appearing on National Radio and Television

China bans reality talent shows to curb behaviours of ‘idol’ fandoms

The Chinese authorities have banned the showing on TV of feminine artists who wear makeup and do not correspond to the traditional Chinese idea of ​​how a man should look like. The National Radio and Television Administration has published a plan, according to which vulgar Internet stars and people caught in violation of the law, behavior, or statements contrary to public order and morality should also not appear on TV.

In addition, television has been obliged to set the right standard of beauty, become less entertaining, and emphasize more revolutionary, socialist, and traditional Chinese culture.

However, this is not all. TV channels have been ordered not to pay the artists too much, to conclude only genuine contracts, and to make sure that the stars do not evade taxes. Children of stars are no longer allowed to participate in television shows. Content that encourages viewers to spend too much is also banned. You cannot show wealth on TV screens, as well as publish various celebrity ratings.

In this way, the authorities hope to correct the problems of idol culture and strengthen citizens' love for the party and the country, as well as for mortality and art. They expressed special respect for several programs, for example, those that tell about the life of the Chinese leader.

It is noted that young participants in such programs become idols of viewers, so the country's leadership believes that the entertainment industry instills in them the wrong values.

The new rules affect highly successful entertainment projects such as Youth with You and Produce 101. They are mostly watched by young people under 30 years old.

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