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China Has Officially Banned Overloading Schoolchildren With Homework

China Has Officially Banned Overloading Schoolchildren With Homework

On October 23, China passed a law that obliged local authorities and parents to reduce the educational workload of their children. Under the new law, schools must adjust their curricula so that most of the assignments are completed in the classroom. And parents and guardians should distribute the load on children in such a way that they have time for rest, creativity, and sports, but not for computer games. The law will come into force on January 1, 2022.

Under another new rule, parents will be fined for the gaming addiction of children. In addition, China is trying to prevent children's addiction to the Internet. Children under 18 can play for no more than an hour per day, three days a week. Exceptions will be made on public holidays. And in the Chinese version of TikTok, minors are encouraged to surf the Internet less. A special mode is launched in the application when users under the age of 14 will be able to use the application for up to 40 minutes a day and will not be able to watch videos at night.

In China, parents often try to send their children to private schools or tutors. However, at the beginning of this year, the authorities declared that over-education harms both parents (financially) and children because they do not have enough time to rest. In particular, the country has already restricted the activities of tutoring organizations, banning teaching to foreigners.

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