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China Removes References to Sex and Same-Sex Relationships From Friends TV Series

china removes sex from friends

Chinese censors cut scenes from the Friends TV series that mention sex and same-sex relationships. The episodes of the Chinese version are on average 2-3 minutes shorter than the original.

On February 11, on the five largest Chinese streaming platforms- Bilibili, Tencent, Youku, Sohu, and iQiyi the series Friends became available. After watching the first season of the show, viewers began to notice on social networks that the characters’ conversations about LGBT characters and sex were cut from the episodes, and the translation of some phrases changed to a completely different one.

After the censorship, fans of the series started an online Weibo campaign under the FriendsCensored hashtag. Within two days, the search for posts on it was available, but at the moment, as the publication notes, it is impossible to manually find the hashtag.

At least the first season of the project was censored. Episodes in the Chinese version of the series are about 21 minutes long, which is an average of 2-3 minutes shorter than the same episodes of the show for Netflix. Previously, Chinese censors also cut the special episode of Friends, which aired in May 2021. In particular, scenes with the participation of the BTS group, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, as well as all references to the LGBT community, disappeared from it.

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