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The Actor Chris Noth Who Starred in the Sex and the City Series Is Accused of Rape

Chris Noth Accused of Rape

The triumph of Chris Noth, who appeared in the sequel to Sex and the City, did not last long. The other day, two women who identified themselves as Zoe and Lily said that they both had experienced sexual harassment by the actor. The incident took place in 2004 and 2015, respectively.

Zoe still works in the entertainment industry and is very worried that her identity will be revealed. She contacted journalists back in October. In 2004, she just graduated from college and got a position at a well-known firm where North and other stars worked. Her former administration confirms that everything was true. But no one found it strange that the 49-year-old man flirted with a 25-year-old girl from time to time.

Once, according to the girl, the star invited her to his apartment in West Hollywood. The girl took her friend with her to the meeting. At first, the three of them sat in the jacuzzi and discussed work. The actor invited Zoe to look at the book. Then Noth went into the house to call someone. Before that, he asked Zoe to bring the book to him. When she went up to the apartment, Noth began kissing her and then raped her. Zoe asked him to stop, but he did not listen. After it was over, the girl returned to her friend. She confirms that Zoe was silent and avoided eye contact. After the incident, she went to the hospital and talked to the police, but did not give the name of the person who attacked her. Zoe was afraid that they would not believe her. And because of this, she would lose her job.

Lily is a journalist. But in 2015, she worked with VIP guests of the already closed New York club No.8. There she met Noth. They met at the Il Cantinori restaurant, where one of the episodes of the series was also filmed. When the restaurant began to close, Noth invited her to his apartment to taste a rich collection of whiskey. In the apartment, the actor at first persistently kissed Lily, after which he had sex with her. The next day, she received a voice message, in which the man asked not to tell her friends about anything and leave this secret strictly between them.

Recently, another US resident brought charges of sexual assault against the actor. The source did not reveal her real name. The girl said that Noth tried to force sex with her in 2010. At that time, she was 18 years old, and the actor was 55. Then the woman worked as a hostess and singer at Da Marino restaurant in New York. According to her, the actor always came to the restaurant in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

One day after the end of her work shift, the manager informed her that she would receive her salary at the office, which could be accessed through the kitchen. When she received the money, the lights went out in the room, and Noth appeared. She claims that the man started kissing her, taking off her clothes. After that, she was able to get out of the office and did not meet with Noth again.

The girl told her parents about the incident, and they contacted the management of the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant rejected the woman’s allegations (it was not possible to confirm this, the then-owner of the restaurant died). She also talked about this to her friends.

Later, it became known about another case that occurred in the mid-1990s with Beverly Johnson. Several years ago that Noth not only stalked her but also threatened to kill her dog. The model and actress announced his aggression and threats.

Now, the A3 Artists agency, which represented Noth, refused to work with him. In addition, exercise bike brand Peloton has removed a recently released commercial featuring the star from its social media accounts.

The Hollywood actor is still silent and does not comment on new charges. He only previously stated that everything said by women is slander and that it has nothing to do with sexual harassment.

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