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Clubhouse Began a Partnership with the NFL for Some Future Exclusive Programs


The platform Clubhouse has now begun a partnership with the National Football League for some future exclusive programs.

Starting from Monday and over the next week, the NFL will feature a series of themed rooms in the Clubhouse application, which will include player ratings and chat with alumni of the football team. According to the report, football fans can join the NFL Clubhouse rooms to listen to discussions with important NFL personalities ranging from athletes and coaches to other online figures. Fans can also be invited by the organizers to ask questions or share reactions with each other. This is Clubhouse's first partnership with a sports company.

The clubhouse had a progressive first year with over 10 million downloads from users. But then there were many competing applications like LinkedIn, Spotify, and Facebook. Its debut took place in March 2020 when the pandemic situation began. Back then, people stayed at home in isolation and used online platforms to communicate with friends and relatives.

At the beginning of this month, it was estimated that the Clubhouse application was valued at approximately 4 billion dollars. The application still adheres to invite-only politics and is still not available on any Android device.

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