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Searching For A Funny Coding Meme? Scroll Down And See Best Memes About Programming

Programmers are shrouded in a dense fog of conjectures and myths. Their profession is both prestigious and ridiculous. The number of anecdotes and code memes dedicated to them is the best proof of this.

It is the programmers who, when asked about the knowledge of foreign languages ​​at the international airport, answer that they know Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP, and C ++. Usually, 2-3 of them are enough, but there are those that can cope with 10.

Distinguishing a programmer from an ordinary person is easy: just ask what finger the little finger is. For a real programmer, he will be the fourth, because the countdown begins not from the first, but from zero.

There is a selection of funny memes:

You’re a Programmer!

coding meme

There is a well-established image of a programmer on the Internet as a person who is not collected, absent-minded and lazy. In response, a series of memes about coding has emerged to counter this misconception.

Install Wi-Fi on It

code meme

The coding meme depicts an old push-button phone on which it is simply impossible to install Wi-Fi. Programmers are often asked for things that have no solution at all.

It Doesn’t Work!

code memes

Another common complaint is "It doesn't work!". Users can write under some product that it does not work for them. Developer response "It works".

Stop the Matrix

meme code

- Neo, you have to stop the matrix, you are a programmer

- * misunderstanding in response *

The management also loves to set unattainable goals - this is exactly what this code meme is about.

Programmers’ Rules

memes about codin

The first rule of a programmer is not to mention that you are a programmer.

The second rule of a programmer is never to mention that you are a programmer.

Therefore, they prefer not to mention their profession when meeting.

Are You a Real Programmer?

coding and algorithms meme

There are times when you don't consider yourself a real programmer. At the meme code, SpongeBob is all so smart at first, and then he cries.

1 picture: Me thinking I am a real programmer

2 picture: Me Googling "switch statement syntax" 15 seconds later

Can You Fix My Computer?

can you fix my computer

No, man. If I am a programmer, this does not mean that I will help everyone fix computers. Ears wither at once from the question.


code meme

Now, remember when you pressed the compiling button and your computer literally became a plane taking off at full power.

Me: * clicks compile *

My $2000 laptop: * airplane turbine sounds *

The creators of the article about coding and algorithms meme are very grateful to you for your interest in this topic and want you to save more of our memes and share them with your friends.

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