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Coffin Dance is the best dance meme ever made?

dance meme

What is a funeral meme All About?

One of the strangest and the coolest dance memes is the funeral dance performed by Ghanian pallbearers while carrying on a coffin dancing on funny music. These memes appeared 5 years ago but continue to be in trend because of the Coronavirus theme.

You may not have probably heard about Ghana's tradition to do dancing at a funeral till the moment a meme appeared.

Who is a pallbearer?

A pallbearer is a person or group of people, generally, a male person(s), that is (are) carrying the casket at a funeral. They usually wear some traditional outfits and gloves. This is a common tradition in Western countries of Africa and the South of the USA.

Pallbearers are generally close friends or family members of the deceased. In some regions of Africa, such a phenomenon is performed only by professional funeral agencies.

Why did these memes gain so much popularity?

  • It's very unusual for people from Europe, Asia to see some dancing performances with a coffin. It’s just blown up the mind and that's why it can be so hilarious to watch it;
  • Pallbearers Dancing is an electrifying and entertaining group. They perform an amazing show and it's always interesting to watch it;
  • There are dozens of themes from which somebody can create memes. Especially, something connected with Covid-19.

The Origin of Pallbearers and Coffin Meme

funeral meme

The original video was published on YouTube by Travelin Sister on January 22nd, 2015. The woman filmed a ceremony of Ghanian pallbearers carrying a funeral for her mother-in-law. She became a witness of outstanding performance by professional dancing pallbearers honoring and running on the "mom-going" entertainment. Her video got 5.8 million views and 3.5 thousands of comments for 5 years.

The next evolution of a meme went to the publication of BBC Africa on July 27th, 2017 on YouTube. It received 681k views for 3 years.

The third video that boosted the popularity of the Pallbearers Dancing group is their failure when they accidentally dropped a coffin during their dancing performance. The first who managed to post Bigscout Nana Prempeth on Facebook on May 2nd, 2019. The new video got 2 900 reactions from users, more than 350k shares, and 4 600 shares from people all over the world. After such success, the video has been reuploaded on YouTube on May 3rd, 2019. It received 725k views.

Finally, the biggest popularity wave covered Coffin Dance in March 2020. With EDM song "Astronomia" video became a spotlight of such sources as FAIL, We'll Right Back Memes and To Be Continued.

In late May 2020, the US President Donald Trump has reposted the remix of the Coffin meme video on his page.

What are Coffin’s Songs?

You may not have heard songs "Sweet Mother" and "Ago" in the original video but most probably have heard a remix of the EDM song "Astronomia".

The Best Collection of Dancing Pallbearers Meme

coffin meme
dancing at a funeral
coffins song

We have collected the best collection of dancing memes with pallbearers from the Web! The greatest and funniest variations of funeral dance memes from our collection! Let's get laughed together!

Thank you!

We are apprised that you have read all the article to the end and hope you had a lot of fun while reading it! Stay toasty, wash your hands, and see you next time!

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