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Coldplay Fans Are Upset With the News the Band Will Stop Recording New Music by 2025

Coldplay member, Chris Martin, said the band will stop recording new music by 2025. This news was announced during the frontman's latest interview with Jo Whiley that will be released on BBC Radio 2. However, the group will still continue to tour.

Chris Martin says Coldplay will stop making music in 2025
Chris Martin says Coldplay will stop making music in 2025

Fans have reacted with sadness but there were some detractors who felt joy. Such an announcement appeared two months after the band presented their ninth album. Titled Music of the Spheres it immediately went to No 1 earlier this year. The special show will be broadcast on Friday.

Back in October, the group announced a world tour the income from which is directed to a range of initiatives aimed at the environmental impact. The members of the band also promised to decrease CO2 emissions by 50% compared with their world tour that took place in 2016-17. In addition, they plan to use renewable energy to power the stage show.

The upcoming tour is scheduled for August 2022 and will feature a stage made of renewable materials, along with solar panels, while battery and power will be drawn from renewable sources.

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