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Controversy about Apple Is Misrepresenting How Liquid-Resistant the iPhone Is


Like many other companies which produce smartphones, Apple adds features such as water resistance in the iPhone characteristics. And in recent years, the declared level of water resistance has increased significantly. There have been different stories in recent years. Someone was lucky and the iPhones that fell into the lakes were found completely in working order, while not having any additional protection from water.

However, a lawsuit that was filed in the US on Saturday claims that Apple company is overstating the water resistance of its gadgets. This 13-page complaint referred to as a "group complaint", targets the fact that Apple is misleading how liquid-resistant the iPhone is. The point is that the certification level is based on laboratory tests held with clean water. But water in the pool or sea is significantly different. This means that the guarantee does not apply to those people whose phones have fallen into a pool or sea, for example. And their devices will be useless for insurance because the water contains such components as chlorine or salt. And even such common liquids as juices or coffee can be used to refuse a repair by a company. This is why disgruntled customers are demanding that Apple correct its advertising claims.

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