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A Student Showed a Costume With Built-In Headphones, a Keyboard, a Mouse, and a PC

costume with built-in computer

Wei Lun Hung, a student of the Royal College of Art, presented a whole collection of unusual clothes. Everything revolves around one idea- remote work. Interestingly, none of the wardrobe items can be called comfortable, more it is designed for productive work in the new conditions when remote work is being introduced everywhere.

The student presented three types of clothing. The most interesting of them is Itinerants. This is a full-fledged computer built right into the overalls. It can be worn everywhere right on yourself.

The main computer is located on the back, and two monitors are on the body. With the split keyboard and included mouse, you can work from anywhere. Headphones are sewn directly into the hood.

It is still unknown whether the serial production of such a suit is planned or whether it will remain just a curious concept.

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