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Hilarious Couple In Bed Meme: Comic About Texting Guy And Girl

The Couple in bed meme is a four-panel comic about a guy and a girl texting each other while lying in their beds. The original strip has become a meme. Netizens jokingly showed how to respond to non-standard answers and why you should always delve into what is written on the screen.

couple in bed meme

Meme Origin

The original comic was posted by Reddit user r/AlexMaestro on May 12, 2021. He depicted the correspondence of a guy and a girl, supplementing the drawing with one more picture. It was directly a screenshot of their post.

boy and girl texting in bed meme

The comic became a Couple texting meme on the same day. User eligo_xv3 added a picture from Shrek to the comic.

couple texting meme

And on May 14, the author of the comic himself made a meme based on his creation, and he added alternative correspondence to the strip.

couple in bed meme

The sexy couple meme began to acquire different variants from that moment on. People signed the thoughts of the heroes and interpreted the situation in different ways.

texting in bed meme

The first peak of popularity of the trend happened in June 2021. Then the meme made its way to Twitter. And in October, the Guy and girl texting meme entered the second round and has not slowed down to this day.

texting in bed meme template

In social networks, people turned the meme into a post irony. Sometimes vulgar pictures are added to the comics, depict various nightmares, or distort entirely beyond recognition.

Meme Spread

At the end of October 2021, the template for funny memes Boy and girl texting meme was revived and acquired a new meaning. Now, netizens were joking not about pleasant messages but about unexpected SMS that can make many nervous. For example, the authors of the telegram channel about memes into the void, because I’m annoyed, imagined how a girl would react if a young man wrote that he wanted to kill her.

two people texting meme

Community administrators in the Plebs telegram published a scary version of the Girl and guy texting meme. The girl responded to a declaration of love with an abstract message, asking the young man to turn around and then turn into a monster.

funny memes boy and girl texting meme

Later, the authors of the same telegram channel about memes made an even more frightening joke. In it, the guy responds to the girl's disturbing message with a phrase about love on duty and goes to bed, believing that she is in danger.

guy and girl texting meme

The creators of the blanked community about memes in the telegram did not test the nerves of their subscribers, but they published a joke about mutual blocking in instant messengers and social networks.

couple texting meme

Meme Meaning

The boy and girl texting in bed meme can illustrate many different aspects of a relationship. With its help, it is possible to show both sweet, kind relationships and cruel, abusive ones. But more often than not, it's just an abstract comic with unexpected elements added.

Recently, a similar format was viral, in which a guy and a girl corresponded online. But in this Two people texting meme, the emphasis was on the phrase “Unfriend, block.”

Selection of Memes

An unpleasant situation, of course, but what can you do? Imagine how upset this guy would be when he discovers that this girl is already fucking with someone. His love would instantly disappear, and thank God.

sexy couple meme

Having good and faithful friends is a natural gift and destiny. If life has brought you together with beautiful people, whom you now call bro or buddy, it's time to show gratitude.

couple in bed meme

This Texting in bed meme is an excellent example of what guys should do because, most often, girls are waiting for decisive action. Do not ask anything, but call the girl you have mutual sympathy with.

couple texting meme

And when you hiccup, do you also think that someone remembers you or thinks about you? This is an ancient belief, but suddenly it's true. The next time you have a hiccup, think about what someone might be thinking about you at that moment.

guy and girl texting meme

One of the few messages that can cause real panic is whether you are ready for tomorrow's test. At this moment, your heart stops, and you start to scroll through all the thoughts in your head and try to remember what test you are talking about.

boy and girl texting in bed meme

You also probably have a loved one or just a close friend with whom you often correspond. This Texting in bed meme template describes many life situations, and most likely, you recognized yourself in one of these pictures.

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