No Dance in Gyms | South Korea Established Rules To Turn On Slow Music During Workouts
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COVID Affects Gyms | Fast Music During the Workouts Is Now Forbidden in South Korea

fast music during the workouts korea

The Korean authorities have recently stated that workout songs should not exceed 120 bpm. So, now tunes for group exercises above a certain speed are banned in gyms, and bright music is considered dangerous for exercising during a pandemic.

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Tracks that have more than 120 beats per minute are forbidden during the exercises such as aerobics and spinning. Doctors said that such a measure is aimed at preventing people from breathing too quickly and splashing sweat on others. This decision was made in order to avoid shutting down businesses that will leave people without workplaces.

Various studies have shown that listening to music during the workouts can help you train harder and make exercising less difficult. A health representative added that a wide range of opinions was taken into account.

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