A Funny Painting With A Tiger Worthy Of Memes Was Drawn By An Artist To Pay For Housing
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The artist promised to make repairs on the apartments. He didn't do it, but he left the painting, and it's worth a visit.

The artist need to create, and not always contemporaries can understand and appreciate his work. This situation was encountered by a Twitter user. Her family bought an apartment, and they were offered the master to all hands. He can repair and paint. But his painting is worthy of memes, not a museum.

A Twitter user told how she rented the apartment to an artist

"A long time ago, my family bought a second apartment.

My mother was advised by a super-master, who is also an artist, and can make repairs and draw a chic picture."

The artist was put in an apartment, but as you understand, something went wrong.

"He lived there for two months, didn't pay his rent. Look at the painting."




Users have begun to share their emotions in comments

“Like the real...”

“The anatomy left the chat room.”

“I think it's very uplifting. A tired guy comes home, opens up a beer, and these two look at you with a hint of "and give us a drink."

Twitter estimated more than 6.5 thousand people, it collected more than 156 retweets and more than 130 responses.

“Looks like another meme,” one of the users said.

But why does it only look like that? It's already become a meme

Concert mask for tiger

brothers zapashny

And of course, where without tattoos?

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