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Crying Cat Meme

crying cat meme

n this article, we will talk about two different types of crying cat memes: an adapted version of a white Serious Cat with photoshopped crying eyes and a Crying Cat Grey Face.

So What Are Original Stories of Gray and White Crying Cats?

Grey (Gray) Cat’s Origins

crying cat face

The initial image reveals a small, gray&white kitten staring into a camera with wet, glassy eyes, seeming like it is crying. Gray Cat is a crying cat meme original version but it can be also seen as a prototype for a real set of memes.

White Cat’s Origins

crying cat original

Schmuserkadser or Crying Cat Face meme leads to a range of photoshopped pictures of cats with teary, crying eyes to look at as they feel sad. The first known meme featuring a crying white cat had appeared on Meme Generator and still, we don't know the name or the nick of genius who has made its edition. The date of birth is June 11th, 2014. As you can see, this pic is the adapted version of Serious Cat (the anonymous user has used the famous white cat but photoshopped the crying eyes the expression on the cat's face). During 4 years creative minds have created 925 editions. So this is the crying cat original story of becoming popular.

Later in 2014, the picture was posted on the official website ask.fm by a user with the nickname YoussefArafa88. Almost a year later, on April 9th, 2015, the concept appeared on the German imageboard called pr0gramm. This is the place where the meme got the name "Schmuserkadser."

The development and enlarging crying cat face meme went further to Facebook on January 27th, 2017. The user of this platform, smokememe, created a post featuring the teary-eyed cat meme with a headline: “sad react only”. The user earned 440 shares and more than 2k reactions.

The next popular platform, Reddit, was taken by Crying Cat a year later, on April 10th, 2018. The user of Reddit with the nickname plebdev added a question on /r/OutOfTheLoop subreddit with the next expression: "What's the origin of the crying cat pictures, and why am I seeing them all over now?"

Variations of Crying Cat Face

These memes are now all over the Net and specific meme platforms! Nowadays it continues enlarging and spreading all over the mass media because all memes with cats and kittens live forever. We have gathered the best examples of the Crying Cat meme throughout the Internet

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