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Funny Crying Seal Meme. Origins And Selection Of Images Of A Seal In Tears

crying seal meme

The crying seal meme is a viral picture of a gif that once became very popular on social networks. For often, under such memes, they write inscriptions that the seal was abused strangely. This cute seal looks very sad and looks like it’s about to cry, so the creators of the memes come up with sophisticated jokes in which different situations are played about why the seal is crying.

Meme Origin

An account of Toba Aquarium on Twitter made a post with a video of a cute seal. This happened on April 19, 2020. This is not just a seal, but a real seal named Niko. Such a cutie was immediately noticed by thousands of users and made the tweet very popular. As a result, the post with Niko the seal got almost 100 thousand views and more than 8 thousand likes in 10 months.

But why did this particular seal video become so popular when hundreds of similar videos already exist on the Internet? The seal Niko has unusually large, dark, and beautiful eyes. Due to the unusual lighting and the angle of incidence of light on the eyes of the seal, it seems that Niko is crying and people found it very cute and even funny. If you translate the signature from the tweet, then it says “Let everyone smile with Niko.”

In a few weeks, the post seal crying mom made you eat it meme reached incredible popularity among all lovers of cute animals. For some reason, some managed to discern an old man in the expression of Nobody's face, and this made the video even funnier.

In the summer, on June 21, 2020, the official Toba Aquarium YouTube account published the full version of the video with Niko's seal.

But how exactly did such a cute seal video turn into a meme with weird and sometimes mean jokes? The fact is that in August 2020, one user started spamming this image on Discord and made it a local sad seal meme among friends. But already in September, literally, a month later, a man under the nickname Discord Guy 2 came up with a new joke for a GIF with a seal. He wrote “He was forced to eat cement when he was 6” and posted it on Discord's group chat. The server members wasted no time and spread the funny meme joke to other servers. This is how the seal meme was born.

sad seal meme

Meme Spreading

Since the story about the origins of he was forced to eat concrete memes was rather long, we will briefly describe how exactly the viral image of Niko's seal spread. Since the gif did not receive global fame and was just shot once in the public, it still had to become very popular.It happened on October 4, 2020, when a user in iFunny – grantvzombies published he was forced to meme and made such a signature about eating cement at the age of 6, but the gif was not a seal, but a dog.

seal crying

On November 6, 2020, a funny video about the game Among Us from user Yogurt Cap was uploaded to YouTube. This video has gained more than 50 thousand views in 4 months.

Later, many Twitter users began to post the original crying seal meme face template and come up with various funny signatures for it. Thus, the global spread of the meme about the seal Niko took place.

Top of the Best Memes

he was forced to eat concrete

Seal crying meme for all fans of the game series about the legendary character Sonic.

he was forced

Do you know what NTF objects are? This cute seal may well become one of them and be sold for a lot of money. He is so handsome and his eyes are simply mesmerizing.

Those who adore the Beatles are you here? Their incredible tracks remain in the hearts of everyone who is already well over 30 or 40 years old. This seal will stop crying if it hears at least one of their songs.

crying seal meme face

It seems to us that Niko's seal would only be glad if she was British. He could move to London and be a local celebrity, why not? This opportunity occurs only once in a lifetime and may not be just a funny he was forced meme.

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