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Viral Cursed Cat Meme: Black Cat With Photoshopped Hands

Cursed Cat meme – a picture with a black cat and painted hands, which menacingly pronounces some kind of phrase and makes a frightening look.

cursed cat meme

Meme Origin

Cursed Cat meme template is a photoshopped photo of a black cat in front of two British police officers. The image was first released to Getty Images on November 12, 2008.

cursed cat original

For some unknown reason, a clipped Cursed Cat original picture of a cat went viral and was used to illustrate news publications.

In November 2018, someone photoshopped a cat to be bipedal. At the same time, the animal acquired two arms raised. This picture was first posted on Twitter by user @pinchenic.

cursed black cat meme

On December 1, the image was posted to the Cursed Images Facebook group. Thus began its viral spread. In the future, memes of this kind began to spread to a variety of publics with abstract content.

In January 2019, a variant of the Cursed Cat images meme began to spread among Russian users with the inscription “joy shuka” superimposed on a picture with a cat. The place of distribution was various public VKontakte. The author of this version was the user of the social network VK kuritravugandon – Vanya Efremov.

cursed cat picture

In March 2019, the “ъуъ съука” meme began to spread on other sites. User Norixon posted the image on Reddit while replacing the inscription “ъуъ съука” with “angry as fuk”. The post received about 28,000 upvotes. Soon, similar memes flooded the r/dankmemes section and other Reddit threads. In them, the cat was depicted as a virus or an indignant bacterium.

cursed cat images meme

Meme Meaning

This meme doesn't mean anything. But seriously, it means indignation or rather discontent. Very often this Cursed Cat picture is used to show dissatisfaction with any life situation.

cursed cat original

A Selection of Memes

At such a moment, I want to ask, “What did you die in 1 second?”. It doesn’t fit in my head how you can just call and at the same time not pick up the phone exactly in a second. Can anyone explain how it happens?

cursed cat meme origin

If you log into your Google account from another device, the service would arrange a global check and confirm that it is you who is logging into your account. This is sometimes very annoying, but it's still cool with Google that there is such an account security system.

cursed cat meme

Do you know such an unspoken rule that if the teacher is absent for 15 minutes, then you can go home from the lesson? It's a shame and unfair when the teacher enters the class at 14 minutes 59 seconds and everyone has to stay in the lesson like this Cursed Black Cat meme.

funny cursed cat memes

Cats are always hungry no matter how much you feed them. They start to go crazy if they hear the sound of a packet of food opening. Many houses have automatic feeders that make a sound before filling the feeder. When the cat hears this sound, it becomes in a pose like in this meme and runs faster to eat.

cursed cat images meme

Do you recognize yourself in this funny Cursed Cat meme? As children, we all want 3 or more scoops of ice cream, but in the end, we can’t even eat that much. The funny thing is that we do not understand this at such a young age and start crying and screaming. Our poor parents.

cursed cat meme template

Would you watch the news on TV if such memes were shown there? This is truly the news we deserve. They are much more pleasant to look at than thefts, fires, and other unpleasant incidents.

cursed cat picture

This cat has such strange eyes, but why? The fact is that the first picture is the very first picture of a black hole in better quality that humanity has received. Now the eyes of the cat began to look like a black hole and this is a very frightening meme.

cursed cat meme

Would you like to have such a cute cat? Although he looks a little creepy, strange, and scary, he is so cute that you want to cuddle him. Save your template or original black cat photo and share it with your friends. Surely almost everyone did not know the Cursed Cat meme origin.

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