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Cyka Blyat Meaning: What Do The Words Cyka And Blyat Mean, Translation Of The Phrase Cyka Blyat

cyka blyat meaning

Have you ever heard the phrase Cyka Blyat? If you like to play online games, and especially CS: GO, then you are probably familiar with it. Cyka Blyat – Russian mat. The phrase entered the slang of English-speaking netizens thanks to online gamesm and itis used both for its intended purpose and for jokes about Russians. If you are interested in the Cyka Blyat meaning, then let's continue.

What Does Cyka Blyat Mean?

What Does Cyka Blyat Mean CS GO

Literally, Suka Blyat translation would be like this: "Whore bitch". But whether this phrase would have a negative or positive depends on the situation in which the player pronounces it. So let's look at the most common cases in CS: GO:

  • When someone is killed – Cyka Blyat!
  • When a team wins/loses - Cyka Blyat!
  • When someone joins the game - Cyka Blyat!
  • When someone just moves - Cyka Blyat!
  • When someone misses with a shot - Cyka Blyat!

You can hear the phrase Cyka Blyat not only in CS: GO, but also in other popular games played by Russian-speaking people. Very often Russian streamers on their broadcasts pronounce this phrase, and if you listen carefully you might be able to learn a few more interesting phrases, such as "Poshel Nahui" or "Nahui Blyat".

English-speaking users are more likely to find Cyka Blyat translate unusual and believe that Russians pronounce this word very often (in which, in general, they are right). Often, swear words are put on a par with typical stereotypes about Russians: bear, vodka, earflaps, tricolor.

Foreigners usually do not know what the words Cyka Blyat translate into, but Russians pronounce this phrase so often that it has become somewhat of the “trademark” of the Russian language. If you ask a Russian to translate Cyka Blyat for you, he would probably laugh at first, and then say "Whore Bitch" or just "Fuck".

What Does Blyat Mean?

What Does Blyat Mean?

It is rare to hear the word Blyat meaning meaning anything else than “Fuck!”, but in fact its literal translation is “whore”. This word is used individually much more frequently than the phrase Cyka Blyat.

The word Cyka literally means “female dog”, but it has many emotional connotations. It can be used when you are very happy about something, angry, annoyed or frustrated, something like the use of the word “shit” in English.

Cyka Blyat Origin

In 2005, the word "Blyat" was included in the popular Urban Dictionary and was called "one of the main mysteries of Russians". The author of the article in the dictionary noted that the word means "bitch" or "whore" and was surprised that people without Slavic roots use it in Israel. The same explanation of the word is used by the Know Your Meme site.

In early 2013, a post titled "Cyka Blyat" and a picture describing Counter-Strike as the best way to learn Russian appeared on the popular 9GAG website. These days, you could find on YouTube video clips with swearing Russians on the roads. In the same year, a Chelyabinsk meteorite fell, recordings from video recorders went all over YouTube, and foreigners rejoiced at the already familiar words. This has become a popular Cyka Blyat meme.

The creators of the blog tried to convey to you Suka Blyat def as correctly as possible, because it is very difficult to really colorfully and fully describe the whole range of emotions and meanings that this beautiful phrase has. Play games, level up your knowledge of various foreign words, and tell your friends about this article.

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