Rapper DaBaby Offended Gays and HIV-Positive Patients | Fans Are Deleting His Music
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DaBaby’s Statements About HIV-Positives and Homosexuals Made Fans Delete His Music

Rapper DaBaby Offended Gays

Rapper DaBaby got into a major scandal, and such hype is clearly not going to benefit his career. During his last concert that took place in Miami, he decided to warm up the crowd, urging fans to turn on the flashlights on their phones and raise them up. But he asked everyone who is homosexual or HIV positive not to do it.

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The rapper was supported by his colleague T.I., who noted: if the scandalous gay Lil Nas X can sing about anything and dance naked in clips, then DaBaby should express his opinion. The musician did not find more supporters. Then, on Twitter fans of his works boycotted the artist and even started deleting his songs because of homophobia and the spread of false information.

Dua Lipa was shocked by her friend's words with whom she released a joint hit. Not only was she surprised and scared by such a statement adding that she did not recognize him as the person with whom she worked.

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