Damn Gooks | Viral And Funny God Damn Gooks Memes On Reddit
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Let's Figure Out What Damn Gooks Is And Why It Became Popular Gooks Memes

Damn Gooks

Damn Gooks is a term that expresses disregard for Koreans and Vietnamese and is also used against them. Today we are going to take a look at the different variations of the memes associated with this term.

Damn Gooks Origin

It arose a long time ago, during the Korean War, in which the Americans took part. Koreans pronounced the word “Miguk” – it meant the United States of America. The term is pronounced like “Me Gook”. The Americans, not knowing how this word is translated, thought that this is how the Koreans called themselves Gooks, since then this name has stuck. But why does this term also apply to the Vietnamese? The fact is that the Americans did not distinguish between Koreans and Vietnamese, so they simply called all Asians Gooks.

The Best God Damn Gooks Memes

The Best God Damn Gooks Memes

God damn, polar Gooks memes have become popular on Reddit. Here is one of them, does this picture remind you of anything? Maybe a familiar drawing style? Exactly! This is South Park. If you go to Reddit or Twitter and search for “god damn polar Gooks South Park”, the first thing you see in this picture. The footage from the episode, which Soutj Park commented in this way on his Twitter: “Fart loving Eskimos, I'm sure THEY'VE took the Princess!”, became viral god damn poly Gooks South Park memes. In the comments, users write the familiar term “Damn Gooks”.

gook make damn

The next popular meme on Reddit was the Gooks of hazard the Damn Show. But this is not just a picture or a screenshot, but a whole video from the Damn Show. You can watch it here. Caution, the video has an age limit.

A racist meme that also went viral for some reason white supremacy is alive and well damn Gooks. Most likely because damn Gooks are mentioned here. In the comments under similar pictures, users are vigorously discussing racism, while others simply write the term “damn Gooks” or “kill all them damn Gooks”. It's a very funny situation, but racism and violence are bad, don't be like that.

damn gook

Simple and straightforward, you damn Gooks meme. It doesn't even need other words, everything is said so. Fans of historical memes would definitely understand.

god damn

Asians really cook delicious food, this cannot be denied. The whole world adores noodles, sushi, udons, tempura, nori, and other famous Asian dishes. And even the person who calls Asians Gooks absolutely loves their food!

The authors of the blog have collected the most viral memes about damn Gooks. We would be very happy if we managed to enlighten you, and you’ve learned something new from this article about Gooks memes.

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