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Daniel Craig Said He Will Not Leave His Millions in Inheritance to His Daughters

Daniel Craig Said He Will Not Leave His Millions in Inheritance to His Daughters

Daniel Craig is one of the highest-paid British actors. The fortune of the star of the James Bond films is estimated at 160 million dollars. This amount of money would be enough to provide for children and even grandchildren, but Craig decided that he would not leave a legacy to his children. The 53-year-old actor spoke about this in his last interview. Daniel said he had no plans to leave his money to children after death. The actor believes that you need to die, spending all the fortune. The Hollywood star is currently raising two daughters: one was born to Rachel Weisz, and the other to former wife Fiona Loudon. During the interview, he also said that he believes that it is better to spend this money on something truly important, such as good deeds.

During his career, Daniel Craig starred in several James Bond films and became the highest-paid actor ever to play a super agent. He earned 3.2 million dollars for the first film, 7 million dollars for the second, 17 million dollars for the third, and 36 million dollars for the fourth, along with box office bonuses.

Craig isn't the only celebrity who doesn't want to share his fortune with children. Mark Zuckerberg, who originated Facebook, promised to give 99% of the company's shares to charity. The same policy is followed by the creator of Microsoft Bill Gates. In 2010, together with another large investor, Warren Buffett, he created The Giving Pledge. Its goal is to encourage the richest people and their families to donate most of their fortunes to charity.

In 2018, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher announced their plan to leave children without inheritance. The couple decided to donate money to charity.

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