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Daniel Radcliffe with guns / guns akimbo meme

daniel radcliffe meme

Daniel Radcliffe with guns meme: Harry Potter in shooter film Guns Akimbo

I think most readers of our new article have already seen the movie Guns Akimbo or at least one of those hilarious memes about Harry Potter escaping from Howards with two guns bolted to his hands. But I'm sure that you haven't seen such a complete collection of guns akimbo meme on the whole Web.

Also, you will know the history of origins of the world-famous meme, and discover how much imagination fans of Daniel Radcliffe have.

Daniel Radcliffe With Guns: Origin of Meme

On May 13th, 2018 The Daily Mail published a series of photos where famous for his main role in Harry Potter's saga, Daniel Radcliffe, was holding a set of guns. It's the date of birth of all those about Harry and deadly school for wizards.

It didn't take long - 3 days after, on May 16th, 3018 on Twitter appeared a couple of funny pics made by @dracomallfoys. Post with the headline "The new Harry Potter movie looks great" gathered 68k retweets and 199k likes. Such a result has been achieved for 2 days.

From the middle of May 2018, dozens of memes with Daniel Radcliffe had been created by users from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and other media resources. For example, "Say hello to my little friends, Avada & Kedavra".

I think all this hype theme has ended on January 15th, 2020 when the trailer of the film Guns Akimbo was released.

Guns Akimbo: The Main Plot

Do you know the main plot of the movie? If not we recommend you read this short abstract. Guns akimbo meaning:

"Miles is a nerdy game developer that spends most of his life on the Web. He loves stirring things on the Internet and leaving "clever" comments on this stuff. Unfortunately, one night he drops an inflammatory barb on the live broadcast of an illegal death-match fight club (Skizm streams real killings online). After this, the evil owner of a channel and maniac Ricktor decides to "add" Miles to this crazy and brutal game with a real game over one of the players.

Miles wakes up and finds out that the set of guns has been literally bolted to his bones. He must defeat and kill his opponents to survive and save his girlfriend that has been captured and taken from him".

The Best Collection of Memes Daniel Radcliffe Holding Guns

daniel radcliffe with guns
daniel radcliffe holding guns
guns akimbo meme

We have collected the best memes about Mr.Radcliffe with a set of guns. Have fun and enjoy the creativity of users all around the world.

We hope you loved our article! Thanks for reading it to the end! Don't forget to turn on the notifications to see our new article in the first place.

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