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Darius, who is considered the largest rabbit on the planet, was stolen

Apr.15.2021, 15:13 | Updated: Apr.16.2021, 11:14 | 67 views

It was reported by the police that one of the largest bunnies in the world has been stolen from his home in central England. Darius, related to Continental Giant rabbits, disappeared from the enclosure located in the backyard in Stoulton Village on the weekend. It wasn’t explained why it is considered theft, not an escape. Annette Edwards who is the owner and a breeder of large rabbits has asked a guilty to bring Darius back home. Firstly, she offered a reward of 1,370 dollars but on Tuesday she increased the reward to an amount of 2,748 dollars. She also added that the day of the loss of her beloved pet was the saddest event. According to the woman, the rabbit is very old and unsuitable for breeding.

The bunny is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest rabbit in the world. Darius is 1.3 meters long and weighs over 22 kilograms. At the moment, this is the largest rabbit in the world, but its own son may be a real competitor. At the age of six months, it already has a length of 1.1 meters. Interestingly, this giant rabbit eats about 2000 carrots and 800 apples annually.

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