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Dark Easter Eggs in Episode of Marvel's WandaVision New DisneyPlus Show


Did you watch the first two episodes of Marvel's WandaVision new DisneyPlus show? The pilot series begins in black and white style. It looks like an old-school couple sitcom similar to I Love Lucy. As we get known earlier, every episode is performed in a completely different style of retro comedy, featuring the evolution of sitcoms throughout time. And the main thing is that the plot is over Marvel's history and isn't just funny as it seems from the first sight.

Warning! The next information may contain possible spoilers about Disney+'s WandaVision show.

What About The Pilot Episode of VandaVision?

So, the series opens simply about 10 minutes in and starts with toasted toast smoking in a retro toaster that is called ToastMate 2000. We are told that this toaster can also toast pie and meatloaf.

As the toaster works diligently away from the view of the beholder, it beeps eerily like a bomb. We see its red-light warning even though everything else is still in black and white. As we know, the toaster is made by Stark's family company, and this symbol represents the dark slogan of Stark Industries: "Forget the past, this is your future."

Is it an Easter Egg or a coincidence? A beeping like a bomb toaster can represent one of Wanda's fears about Tony and the rest of the Starks family because of their dark legacy. In 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, the witch revealed that she and her brother's parents died because of a bombing when they were 10 years old.

They watched for two days on a logo of Stark Industries on an unexploded shell that landed nearby kids. They feared and waited when Stark's toy was about to kill them. It features that a dark past can't be forgotten and a fluffy sitcom show can reveal its dark side every minute.

What About The Second Episode of VandaVision?

The second commercial shows a beautiful couple heading for a night out and hawks the Strücker watch for men collection. Let me remind you that the head of the evil organization Hydra used to be Baron Wolfgang von Strücker. This Marvel villain experimented on Wanda and Quicksilver for years!

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