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Daughter of TikTok star is dead | A two-year-old girl was battling cancer

tik tok star daughter

The daughter of an influencer, Kate Hudson, died after fighting a rare form of cancer. The TikTok star announced the sad news on June 21st on her Instagram page. Eliza was only two years old.

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Now, Kate Hudson, together with her fiancé Chance Moore, frustrated about the loss of their beloved daughter who passed away on Father's Day.

The social media celebrity always kept the fans updated on Eliza Adalynn's health with the help of the creation of a TikTok account called Hey Eliza. The couple documented their daughter's struggle for over 5 million followers.

The girl was born in August 2018 and at the age of 10 months was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, called rhabdoid tumor. This particular type of tumor consists of many big cells. At that time, during a diagnosis, 8 nodules in her right lung were discovered. But then thousands of tumor "seeds" completely destroyed the lung and spread through her heart and beyond. In June, Hudson shared that she and Moore think about their daughter's funeral.
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