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DC Wants To Make Superman a Homosexual Character, and He Will Be Replaced by His Son

Superman Will Be Gay In DC Comics

DC will stop producing Superman Clark Kent comics. This was announced during the stream by the former artist of the company Ethan Van Sciver. According to him, the traditional Superman will be replaced by his son Jonathan Kent, who is gay. The artist's statement that the new superman will be homosexual has not yet been confirmed, but the fans have already quarreled among themselves.

The thing is, DC Comics is having copyright issues over the use of the Clark Kent character known as Superman. According to Ethan, the new Superman will be Jonathan Kent, who first appeared in DC comics in 2015. He is the son of Superman and journalist Lois Lane.

However, Van Sciver has not worked with DC Comics for several years, and it is not known where he got this information. Later in the broadcast, the man personally expressed his dissatisfaction with the prospect of a gay superhero. There is no confirmation of Van Sciver's words. However, so far, the current creators of Superman have not refuted his statement either.

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