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Ex-Girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio Spoke About the Worst Date With the Actor

dicaprio and camila morrone

Camila Morrone shared a story about how one of her dates with Leonardo DiCaprio became the strangest in her life.

The ex-girlfriend of the famous actor said that the man bought all the seats in the cinema and arranged a Star Wars marathon. According to her, the actor rented an entire theater and forced her to watch all parts of the franchise, while running around with a lightsaber and fighting villains.

The news immediately went viral and spread all over the Internet. And if most users laughed at the actor's act, then many fans are not sure that this information should be trusted. Camila Morrone was called an ex-girlfriend, although there is no confirmed information that the couple broke up. For example, Leo was seen with her for a few days on vacation in one of the Caribbean islands.

DiCaprio and the model have been together for about four years. The age difference between lovers is 22 years. Officially, the couple did not appear in public together, however, photos of their joint vacation, as well as on walks and dates, often get into the network.

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