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Diego Maradona’s Death Shocked the Whole World | Seven People Were Charged with a Murder

diego maradonna

The recent Diego Maradona’s death news shocked the whole world. The iconic athlete died at the age of 60. Six months later, in an Argentine court, charges were finally brought against the doctors who helped Maradona, including the footballer's personal doctor. 

They were charged with murder with possible intent to Diego Maradona’s death cause. Now seven suspects face imprisonment for a term of 8 to 25 years. The prosecutor’s report notes that the work of the medical team that helped Maradona was "inadequate, incomplete and reckless". 

Earlier it was reported that Diego Armando’s death happened as a result of pulmonary edema, which was caused by chronic heart failure. In the heart of the legend of football, it was discovered dilated cardiomyopathy. DDC pathology leads to an increase in the heart chambers and has many causes. Maradona's heart was twice as large as usual, and it was kept for further study.
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