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Discover Friends’ star with cancer | James Michael Tyler shared about his disease

James Michael Tyler

The star of the TV series Friends, James Michael Tyler, is now fighting prostate cancer of the last (fourth) stage. Tyler is best known for playing Gunther, the manager of the café, in all 10 seasons of the sitcom. He announced this sad news during a speech on the American show Today and shared that he is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat prostate cancer. The 59-year-old actor revealed that he found out about cancer in September 2018, and now it has spread to his bones.

He was 56 years old when he decided to test his blood for PSA. The result turned out to be an extremely large number. Almost immediately, the doctor called him and asked him to come another day, suspecting a serious problem with his prostate.

According to the actor, the producers knew about his diagnosis for a long time, but the actors have discovered it recently. Tyler also didn't appear on the stage during the Friends special reunion in May. Firstly, he wanted to attend the event but because of his unstable condition, he decided to go online.

The actor was undergoing treatment that worked great, but only for about a year. But further complications began when he missed the test. When the pandemic began, cancer mutated, spreading to his spine and he was paralyzed in his lower body. For Tyler, his diagnosis and treatment were not easy at all. The actor, who got a late-stage diagnosis, thinks he won't survive. Last year, his dream was to celebrate his 59th birthday together with his loved ones, and he did well. Now he wishes to save someone's life.

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